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11 Free WordPress Gallery Plugins Download in 2019

04 Nov,2018

Are you looking for Free WordPress Gallery Plugins? then you are here at the very right place.

Today we discuss 11 Stunning Gallery Plugins for WordPress that you can download and use to your projects.

11 Free WordPress Gallery Plugins Download in [ 2018 Updated ]

Over the last few decades, WordPress has gained massive popularity in all across the web world which is developing as one of the most popular CMS platforms.

According to Google, Almost more than 32% of the website across the globe are Develop with WordPress.


So there are several plugins available in WordPress that comes with different kinds of applications. Among such are Gallery Plugins of WordPress.

So if you are looking for the best Gallery plugins, then you are here at the very right place.

In this blog, we are going to highlight some of the best gallery plugins for WordPress.

All these plugins come with various kinds of benefits and let you create impressive looking galleries on your website.

So if you search for WordPress Photo Gallery plugins from WordPress search, you will get around two thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven sources.

Thus, you can well understand such a vast collection of Photo gallery plugins WordPress has in their database, so it is tough to understand which plugins will be the best for you.

In this blog, we will deeply look into it and let you know in all the details in this regard.

So that you have a clear view regarding all those gallery plugins of WordPress which you can use it, free download for your website.

Which is the best free Gallery Plugin for WordPress?

11 Useful Gallery Plugins for WordPress – You can Download

1. Gmedia Photo Gallery
2. Modula Image Gallery
3. YouTube WordPress Gallery
4. Responsive Lightbox Gallery
5. Robo Gallery – Image Photo Gallery
6. Foo Gallery
7. Envira Gallery
8. Photo Gallery by 10Web
9. WP Easy Gallery
10. Gallery Bank
11. NextGEN Gallery

G Media WordPress Gallery plugin comes with a complete interfere for the administration galleries, pictures, videos, and audio files.

Well, here you can import pictures with titles from the WordPress media library database all at a go. Well, it comes with the following useful features

• This app does come with Drag and drop builder.

• Comes with WordPress search integration.

• It is fully mobile responsive.

• It comes with adequate social sharing options.

• It comes with both the video and audio support.

• And many more similar kinds of useful features this plugin use to come with.

Modula is one of the most popular WordPress gallery plugins for Macho themes.

And it lets you quickly create all interesting grid galleries without needing any professional help and customization.

Well, here you can specify a width, height and minimum picture size. It comes with various kinds of modern features like

• It comes with pre-built hover effects.

• Option to display picture title and captions.

• Comes with six different lightbox galleries.

• Comes with all built-in social share buttons that you can turn off or on automatically.

• It has gallery filters that allow visitors to click a tag to filter images with that tag.

• And rotation and slide effects for when images load.

It is another most popular WordPress image gallery plugin for YouTube that comes with an array of useful features and applications.

It is very much user-friendly and fully mobile, responsive.

It lets users implement their powerful editing skills while composing a video collection of slideshows or even you can launch a workshop and information content from here.

Being mobile, responsive it can get fitted with all kinds of screen sizes and this is the reason behind its immense popularity among the WordPress users around the globe.

It has the following features :

• User-friendly editor.

• Nice and sleek lightbox.

Video Gallery themes – 16 free version.

Beautiful and Fantastic for the hover effects.

Responsive and touch friendly.

• And lots more similar features

This is another masterpiece of among gallery plugin of WordPress for your site.

It is fully responsive and does come with auto-resizing features for thumbnails as well as pictures. It comes with customizable 15 hover effects.

• It comes with customizable 15 hover effects.

• It has got an advanced Polaroid style.

• Build in borders and shadow settings.

• Comes with the classic layout with advance cache options.

• It comes with a custom ordering of the pictures.

• You can also advance social sharing features.

Free Image Gallery WordPress Plugin that comes with various kinds of plugins that have got an array of useful features.

It is a free image gallery plugin that helps you in creating an awesome looking gallery on your website.

FooGallery Plugin, thus do comes with an awesome feature which is as follows.

a) Comes with highly stunning looking gallery layouts, responsive retina ready and lightning fast features of WordPress.

b) Retina thumbnail support.

c) Gallery Widget.

d) Albums built-in! (Activate the albums extension).

e) Use the built-in media library to manage images.

f) Drag and Drop reordering of images and galleries.

g) Beautiful gallery templates.

h) Custom CSS for both galleries and albums.

i) Copy to clipboard shortcodes.

j) Visual shortcodes in the rich text editor.

k) Gallery picker to insert shortcodes.

l) Page usage meta box with one-click gallery page creation.

m) And lots more same kinds of features and benefits this proven tool does come with.

It is another masterpiece of the WordPress plugin that every marketer around the globe is actually searching.

Well, the main thing is that Envira Photo Gallery lets you to easily customize and extend the same to let you create all awesome looking templates.

Envira is exceptionally optimized for web and server execution because we recognize the significance of speed when it comes to SEO and conversion.

So here just have a look in this regard and go through this wonderful WordPress plugin.

• Drag & Drop Builder.

• Responsive and mobile friendly.

• Comes with stunning looking pre-built gallery template.

• Comes with social media integrations.

• Comes with Woocommerce integration.

• Lets you protect your work with passwords.

• Video support and lots more similar features you get here

If you are looking for a user-friendly gallery plugin?

Then this plugin is the best choice for you.

Image gallery comes prepared with the remarkable layout options, gallery and album views.

Well, apart from that this plugin does comes with several widgets and some extensions that use to take its functionality to the next level.

This plugin is a combination of collage plus jQuery image gallery and Photobox image gallery and being fully mobile, responsive it always fits any screen size.

Here the best thing is that its user-interface gets updated every time that makes it more user-friendly.

You can add each gallery that will have its own page just like posts and pages, but it can also be added to any kind of posts and pages.

WP Easy Gallery plugin your one-stop solution to our company.

It is simple and comes with user-friendly admin interface for managing the plugin more in an effective manner.

WP Easy Gallery is an extremely easy gallery plugin that permits you to create and manage extensive image galleries in WordPress.

Gallery Bank is one of the best and responsive gallery plugin for WordPress which is designed with excellent features to showcase your picture galleries most wonderfully.

It comes with the following useful features.

• Gallery Bank lets you add all unlimited pictures all in a single gallery. And you can also keep adding as many shortcodes on your page as the way you need.

• Create stunning looking and fully 100% responsive, SEO friendly picture gallery all within minutes.

• Well, it comes with all easy to manage functionality to rename, upload, copy, add and remove images. This plugin uses WordPress inbuilt media uploader in this regard.

• The proven plugin does come with multiple column layouts for the picture gallery, and columns layout. It further, lets you showcase all your content in chunks that are visually appealing to everyone all at a go.

• with Gallery Bank you can easily implement Masonry layout without taking any professional help. It is indeed a great choice for creating awesome looking galleries by using pictures with all kinds of varied dimensions.

• This is a great feature as it helps you to navigate to a particular image from the lightbox. There are multiple options to customize filmstrip container and images size and styles in it.

What is a Photo Gallery Plugin?

WordPress Photo Gallery is a flexible plugin that lets you add galleries and albums into your WordPress website.

It comes with multiple view options and widgets to choose from, thus letting you display images in a most relevant and applicable manner.

How do I insert a gallery in WordPress?

Are you looking for displaying several images in your blog or website then having galleries is the best option for you. Well, there are several WordPress gallery plugins are already there in all across the web that you can choose to add galleries to your site.

1) All you need to do is go to the normal WordPress editor by creating a post content.

2) Then click the add media button like the way you do to insert a picture in a post in WordPress admin.

3) From the left-hand side menu, select the Create Gallery. Now here, you can either choose all existing pictures from your media or you can upload files from your PC by clicking the ‘upload files tab’.

4)Now Edit your gallery before you insert a new gallery into your WordPress page for the better way to use it.

Here the full guide of “How to insert of Gallery in WordPress

How do I use Envira gallery in WordPress?

Here, we are showing you all the details in this regard.

1st Step

Add a new Gallery.

First you need to create your first Envira Gallery by clicking the Add New button in the Envira Gallery admin screen.

2nd step

Then Name your Gallery and upload pictures.

It will open a blank gallery screen ready for use where you can add images. Here, give title to the gallery so that you can easily manage each of your galleries you create.

3rd step

choose images from your computer.

You can choose pictures straight from your Pc directly to the gallery.

4th Step

Select Files from Other Sources

You can also upload from other sources as well for that just go Select Files from Other Sources.

Here the Complete Solutions uses of Envira Gallery.


Well, we finally conclude that in this blog we have discussed all various kinds of WordPress photo gallery plugins with their various applications.

So for more detail please visit the blog and comment your feedback below each post.